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domenica 24 aprile 2016

Juve Scudetto: the title Monday is a bet by 5.48

The Scudetto to Juventus, now, it is just a matter of a few numbers: nine-point lead over Napoli to four days from the end of the season, betting on the fifth consecutive victory for the Bianconeri are now a memory.
The odds on the Scudetto would no longer acceptable for bookmaker: too low to be attractive, given the probability of the event. However, to look good on the blackboard bets, you can bet on the possibility that Juventus will graduate champion already Monday evening, at the close of the session, waiting for the result of the postponement between Rome and Naples. The most likely way - by a multiple bet that you pair the results useful to Juventus - according to unitholders Microgame Group is one that predicts win for Juventus against Fiorentina (date to 2.15) and then that of Rome on Napoli (2 , 55). So the Bianconeri should +12 and would be impregnable, a combination that turned into share becomes 5.48: 10 euro bet he incasserebbero almost 55. Theoretically, the Juve a draw would also suffice (the "X" with the purple is 3.20) provided that the Roma beat Napoli: this interlocking championship is the one with the highest share, 8.16. In the middle of the third solution: Juve winning the Franks and tie between Rome and Naples (since 3.20): in this case the flag of Juventus on Monday, is an option worth 6.88 times the invested mail.

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