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domenica 6 marzo 2016

Spalletti-Rome, goes back in the Scudetto shares

Two months of darkness and oblivion even the bookmakers whiteboards, then the little miracle of Luciano Spalletti. Roma returned to impress after the abyss of results arrived from November to January, with the last remnants of the Garcia administration.
The team needed a jolt and is exactly what happened thanks to the technical and Certaldo although mention Scudetto seems risky, the comparison of the shares on the stock is perfect to tell the ascent of yellow and red: at the end of January, after the draws by Chievo and AC Milan, the chances of the Roma were sunk to 66 times the bet, and had been held on those levels even after the first two outings with Spalletti on the bench, the 1-1 against Verona and 0-1 with Juventus.

COMEBACK Just after the match at the Stadium started the comeback: already after 3-1 against Frosinone the offer has dropped to 50.00 and decreased constantly after six successive challenges (from 40.00 the post-Roma to Sassuolo 20,00 a week ago, after Empoli) all won by the Giallorossi. The overwhelming 4-1 over Fiorentina is now the icing on the cake, with the share further dropped to 12.00. Of course, Juventus and Napoli are still far away, but in this case it is interesting to emphasize the path of the two teams: on the one hand the Bianconeri, passed dall'1,90 after comparison with existing 1.45 Roma, thanks to an impressive series of results. Napoli, however, has slowed the race after the ko with Allegri's team and draws against AC Milan and Fiorentina, a slowdown that has led the Blues from 2.05 in January (lowest share since the start of the league) to 3.00 today.

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