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BetStars launches in the Czech Republic

Online betting site BetStars, the sports brand of The Stars Group, has become the first international sports betting operator to launch i...

sabato 27 febbraio 2016

Serie A, Juventus-Inter: quote at Juventus

No mistakes for Juventus if the draw against Bologna last championship was altogether painless - because there behind Napoli also has stopped on equal - against Inter Allegri's team wants to return to victory .
The shares and the background is black and white: in the last 10 against Inter there was only one win, in 2012, then three draws and six Juventus successes. Statistics and field factor is decisive on the betting board: Juve lost at home only the first of the season, against Udinese and fostered in part by shares. The fee on Allegri's team travels to 1.60, compared with 3.70 on the draw and 6.50 for the Inter blitz.

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