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BetStars launches in the Czech Republic

Online betting site BetStars, the sports brand of The Stars Group, has become the first international sports betting operator to launch i...

domenica 13 dicembre 2015

Euro 2016: for bookmakers Italy stops in the second round

Girone challenging for Italy at Euro 2016. In the draw for the Paris Blues fish in Group E Ireland, Sweden and Belgium, the first in the world ranking. It will not be a walk, but the bookmakers Count able to move to the second phase.
According to the International unitholders, however, the National will go out in the second round is the most likely hypothesis at blackboard, 2.50 (deleting the group is 4.33) to arrive at the quarter would pay 3.50, while the semi-finals is a challenging 9.00. The company in the final is played to 17 times the mail, close by "runner up", in second place, to play 15.00. In the lead for the final victory we are Germany and France, both offered at 4.00, while Spain is one step back, to 7.00. In the board, before the Blues, there are also Belgium (11.00) and England (12.00).

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