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BetStars launches in the Czech Republic

Online betting site BetStars, the sports brand of The Stars Group, has become the first international sports betting operator to launch i...

sabato 31 ottobre 2015

MotoGP Valencia: Rossi - Lorenzo, special challenge at altitude

The controversies have partly subsided, but is keenly awaiting for the final round of the World MotoGP in Valencia. A decisive race in the challenge for the title between Lorenzo and Rossi, with Marquez who will assume the role of the viewer hardly impartial.
Doctor for the password will comeback and bookmakers have decided to open some special bets for the race. Snai offers a new challenge to the position of Rossi in the early laps of the Grand Prix, already on the first pass in front of the pits the "Doctor" could have recovered up to 11th place (share 3,50), between the fifth and tenth on lap (share 3,00), between the fifth and seventh on the third lap (still share 3,00), to get to lick the top positions at the end of the fourth round (2.50 share). Always Snai you can point to the possibility that four drivers (Rossi, Marquez, Lorenzo and Pedrosa) are to or less classified as it will go, according to official reports. According to the unit holders, everyone should get to the race, especially now that Pedrosa is completely out of the game (1.05 per share "classified yes"); for Rossi and Marquez the percentage rises to 1.15, do not exclude early exits due also to falls isolated or "encouraged", while for Lorenzo the share is 1.12, a value that takes into account, also in this case, that Spanish Yamaha could suffer the pressure with a teammate, if able to make up positions and move close to the lead. If you want to bet on a possible exit of the track or a withdrawal from the race these are the Snai shares: Rossi and Marquez, that could give rise to a replica of the sparks of Sepang, share 4.50; Lorenzo will nevertheless keep Rossi back several positions to point to the world title, share 5.00; Pedrosa, at least for now remained out of controversy and turn on the asphalt, share 7.00.

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