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sabato 21 marzo 2015

Football: Rome, betting on Garcia goodbye

The Rome collapses still in the house, this time against Fiorentina in the second leg of the Europa League. A 3-0 which triggered the dispute of the Olympic stadium to the team, while there has been no support for Rudi Garcia, however, could still pay with the farewell at the end of the season according to British bookmakers.
Across the Channel to play 1.85 departure of coach in June and are ready bets on his successor. The name supported by the unit holders is to Marcelo Bielsa, gave 8.00 as favorite. At 10.00 the following Montella, Di Francesco, Mihajlovic and Spalletti. Lower the chance for Mazzarri or Ancelotti, both share 15.00, followed by Pellegrini, Villas Boas, Conte or Benitez (all at 35.00). Difficult the return of Fabio Capello (50.00), the more complicated the road leading to the former Lazio Diego Simeone, since 75.00. It points to 100.00 on Guardiola, Luis Enrique, but Deschamps and Zenga. Finally the most sensational hypothesis: if the bench to lead the Giallorossi was Francesco Totti, the share would be equal to 200.00.

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