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BetStars launches in the Czech Republic

Online betting site BetStars, the sports brand of The Stars Group, has become the first international sports betting operator to launch i...

domenica 15 febbraio 2015

Sanremo: Nek share collapses to 10.00

Third evening in the sign of the cover for the Festival of Sanremo: the big names have performed in the great successes of the past and to win the event was Nek with "If Phoning" Mina. Flight and Marco Masini were placed behind it: the victory of Nek relaunches the singer Emilia betting on who will win the Festival.
His song, "Go ahead love", goes from 20.00 to 10.00 on the blackboard share Snai. At the top are stable boys Il Volo, 1.65, while Malika Ayane, who last night convinced with a cover of "Living" by Vasco Rossi, Lorenzo overtakes Strawberry: the singer Milan is now 4.50 the young talent goes XFactor 7.50. Double figures for Annalisa, Clare and Dear Jack, to 10.00, then go up to 20.00 and 25.00 to Nina Zilli for Irene Grandi and Marco Masini.

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