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BetStars launches in the Czech Republic

Online betting site BetStars, the sports brand of The Stars Group, has become the first international sports betting operator to launch i...

domenica 11 gennaio 2015

Premier, Manchester United ahead for 1,75

Discount high ranking in Sunday's Premier League. Old Trafford Manchester United, third, if he sees against Southampton, fourth just one point down. The Red Devils, after two draws in a row, looking for a win to stretch the Saints and play favorites from Old Trafford, where up to here have done almost en plein: 8 wins, equal and one defeat. So according to the bookmaker success in tomorrow's match finished at 1.75 on Snai. Only an 'X' to here for guests outside the home, the second is given to 3.75, while the firm sbancare Old Trafford travel at 4.50. In front of the first (that of Southampton) and the third best defense in the Premier: Under forward in the units, with a game in less than three networks offer 1.80.

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