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BetStars launches in the Czech Republic

Online betting site BetStars, the sports brand of The Stars Group, has become the first international sports betting operator to launch i...

sabato 24 gennaio 2015

Inzaghi flop, bookmakers call Tassotti

Berlusconi furious after the defeat of AC Milan at home against Atalanta. Even the coach Pippo Inzaghi, is now at the center of the storm. Decisive for the former striker, will be the two meetings with Lazio, first in the league and then in the Italian Cup.

Africa Cup of Nations: the Ghana's first to 3.25

Ghana forced to chase in African Cup of Nations: the Black Stars lost 2-1 nell'esordio against Senegal and now they hunt the first victory in the match against Algeria. It will not be easy to beat the North Africans, much more fit to look at the statistics, with six wins in eight games, then depart from favorites to 2.25 on the scoreboard Snai, against 3.05 on the draw and offered for 3.25 Ghanaian victory.

Nba, yet Hawks, the 15th victory in 1.58

His record has already equaled, now try to overcome it. Atlanta to share 14 straight wins in the NBA, as the Hawks 1993-94. Tonight Quintet coached by Mike Budenholzer has the chance to make history, at home against Oklahoma.

Tennis: Australian Open, cut in Seppi share

He will not win the tournament, but Andreas Seppi has however made a large company. The Italian tennis player beats Federer in a match where his company had bank to 10.00, but much higher the share of his triumph in Melbourne, despite the cut was full-bodied on the blackboards International, from 300.00 to 125.00.

domenica 18 gennaio 2015

Football: Dybala, for the bookie's Arsenal

The price fixed by the president Zamparini is 40 million, a figure that Arsenal would be willing to pay for Paulo Dybala. Palermo striker has come under fire from several big, but also the bookmakers support the hypothesis Arsenal, for which the Argentine is high on the list of reinforcements.

Africa Cup of Nations, Côte d'Avorio favored

All eyes on Equatorial Guinea, which now host the thirtieth edition of the African Cup. It is once again the Ivory Coast to take the underdogs: was ahead of all shares in the last edition, which was eliminated in the quarter from Nigeria, who then won the event. This year the Eagles Nigerian there will (have failed to qualify) and therefore even more the Ivory Coast - in pink with Gervinho and Wilfred Bony, last "whim" of Manchester City - wins unitholders Snai the damage to 4.50 in odds on who will win the trophy. A 5.50 Algeria, back from a World over the top when it was eliminated in the second round - but only after extra time - by the champions of Germany. For whites share triumph is 5.50. Then the step is clear: you go up already at 10.00 for Ghana - that so centrerebbe fifth trophy - Senegal is at 13.00, as well as Mali where he plays a different knowledge of Italian football: Seydou Keita of Rome which in Group D will be starring in a derby with Roma with Gervinho. And speaking of Gervinho, is not he the favorite (to play 11,00) betting on the top scorer of the Cup: the role has blown his teammate Wilfred Bony (called to replace Drogba) gave 6.00. Atri hot names for the bet on the bomber are those of Asamoah Gyan and Slimani, both 9.00.

domenica 11 gennaio 2015

King's Cup, Real falls: the triumph now 8.00

MADRID - Real Madrid still ko. Third defeat in a row for the Blancos after those with AC Milan in a friendly and with Valencia in the King's Cup. This time it was to beat Atletico Madrid in the going of the second round in the King's Cup. It will not be easy to recover 2-0 of Calderon and therefore for Ancelotti turns away the chance to win for the second year in a row the national trophy. If yesterday before the triumph of Real Madrid was given to 2.75, an option is now much less likely, placed 8 times the bet. On top of the predictions remains the Barcelona (which plays tonight against Elche, finishing last in La Liga) to 2.75, while Atletico will arrive already 6.00. Quote 9.00 for Valencia, Seville and 13.00 for 17.00 for Athletic Bilbao.

Messi to Chelsea: transfer to 2,75

Roman Abramovich promises follies just to have Leo Messi to Chelsea: rumors from overseas confirm that, taking advantage of the crisis blaugrana, the Argentine champion would be ready goodbye and the patron of the Blues would be willing to do anything. Betting wide open, then, on the next team in the last 24 hours and Messi share on Flea in Blues declined further. Yesterday had been cut from 8.00 to 3.00 on the blackboards International, now offer even lower, at 2.75. Goes down the share of Messi suffered at Chelsea went from 6.00 to 4.50, to 7.00 instead remains the possibility that Messi sign for the Blues in the summer transfer.

Premier, Manchester United ahead for 1,75

Discount high ranking in Sunday's Premier League. Old Trafford Manchester United, third, if he sees against Southampton, fourth just one point down. The Red Devils, after two draws in a row, looking for a win to stretch the Saints and play favorites from Old Trafford, where up to here have done almost en plein: 8 wins, equal and one defeat. So according to the bookmaker success in tomorrow's match finished at 1.75 on Snai. Only an 'X' to here for guests outside the home, the second is given to 3.75, while the firm sbancare Old Trafford travel at 4.50. In front of the first (that of Southampton) and the third best defense in the Premier: Under forward in the units, with a game in less than three networks offer 1.80.

Liga, Barcelona - Atletico: the unitholders see blaugrana

A look at the past would be a game from shares in almost perfect balance. Five draw between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in the last six meetings, but to weigh on shares of the match Sunday there is the factor Camp Nou this year where the Catalans have won seven of eight games and Colchoneros not triumph since 2006. So in the clash at the top of La Liga bookmakers see Barca and give success to the team of Luis Enrique 1.60 Snai. For Atletico return to success would be undertaking from 5.50. On the tie instead the share drops to 4 times the bet. In addition to the sign "X" there was another constant in recent races between Barça and Athletic: the last six comparisons were all closed with the sign Under, ie networks with a total of less than three. The same outcome in the match tomorrow is worth 1.92, while the victory "close" of Barcelona ("1 + Under" success blaugrana maximum 2-0) finished at 3.85.