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BetStars launches in the Czech Republic

Online betting site BetStars, the sports brand of The Stars Group, has become the first international sports betting operator to launch i...

giovedì 24 luglio 2014

Vidal, bookies relaunch the United

Juve want to keep it stresso, but this time it's the Chilean press to revive the rumors about the departure of Arturo Vidal. According to the newspaper El Mercurio, the Juventus midfielder would have given a mandate to its agent to accept a transfer abroad only upon calls from Real Madrid, Manchester United or Liverpool. And therefore, according to the bookmakers to win the international challenge will be to engage Vidal United, favored to 1.25. The unit holders, however, do not rule out that the Warrior can remain in Turin, an option bank to 2.70. Further afield instead tracks that lead to Liverpool and Real Madrid will play the Reds in 8.00, the Blancos are owner your bank to 21.00.

F1, Hamilton favored the Grand Prix of Hungary

In Germany it was stronger than the bad luck: a crash in qualifying and Lewis Hamilton started the twentieth, but managed to finish the race as a third, thus reducing the possible extension of his team-mate Nico Rosberg, who made his Gp Hockenheim. For the Hungary GP Lewis Hamilton, however, is a candidate for a seat in the front row, both in qualifying and in the race. The British Mercedes is the favorite SNAI in both cases. His figure is 1.70, while 1.75 is played triumph in the Grand Prix. At 2.60 the pole Rosberg, as well as the fifth victory of the season for the German. Ke reduced chance of the other pilots: the surprise Valtteri Bottas Williams (three podiums in a row for him) is given in 20.00, another successful Ricciardo - the only one to break the domain Mercedes in Canada - those worth 25.00 Vettel and Massa. 33.00 per share in the first win of the season Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen to find as you have to climb up to 100.00.

Man United, the captain on the open bets

And 'at Manchester United for almost ten years, but Wayne Rooney might not be enough to become the new captain of the Red Devils. After the departure of Nemanja Vidic, Louis Van Gaal has to decide who gets the band and according to bookies across the Channel in pole position is Robin Van Persie, former pupil of Van Gaal in the Dutch national team. In the board's favored striker orange, to 1.73, the chances of Rooney are placed at 2.25. Unlikely that the choice falls on someone else, with Evra third in the list to 11.00, followed by Phil Jones (21.00) and Michael Carrick (26,00).

Rodriguez at Real, allowances to treble

From a superstar player like many of the transfer: James Rodriguez enters the history of the most expensive purchases, after moving from Monaco to Real Madrid for 80 million Euros. A sudden fame, thanks to the World Cup played with Colombia, also arrived on the blackboards of the bookmakers. Now that's a "blanco", the international unit holders dedicate a special, from networks to score in the Premier League: will presumably be more than 13 (option 1.86), but the board is also the top scorer, firm at 40 times the bet. Rodriguez have been drawn with Cristiano Ronaldo, currently unattainable, and Gareth Bale, another purchase record of Galacticos: the ability to collect the most capped Welsh is worth 1.57. It is not only the attacker to finish the center of attention, because after his arrival also making progress in the Real blackboard. The winning at least one trophy seems obvious to 1.29, and are down (thus increasing the possibilities) units for the double Liga / Copa del Rey (from 4.33 to 3.75), Liga / Champions (11, 00 to 9.00) and treble (from 26.00 to 21.00).

giovedì 17 luglio 2014

F1, Hockenheim Hamilton fly to 1.65

It 'back to win at Silverstone and now Lewis Hamilton tries in Germany. After the success in England, the driver of the Mercedes is taking up Hockeneheim of the GP on Sunday, a circuit that has never seen him win. In the viewfinder no overtaking team-mate Rosberg on the classification and according to the bookmaker Hamilton has a good chance to bring home another victory: the success depends on SNAI 1.65, with the pole offer 1.63 . Rosberg chases to 2.75 (the first place in qualifying is at 2.80) then go up by double digits for all others. The two Williams drivers, Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa are, respectively, 18.00 and 22.00, Fernando Alonso, who won at Hockenheim in 2012, it rose to 40.00, behind Vettel (33, 00). Far the other Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen of Finland for the victory is a company 150 times your stake.

Scudetto: the share rises to 2.20 for Juve

ROME - Another update in the units Scudetto after the departure of Antonio Conte to Juventus. Yesterday was officially engaged as a coach Massimiliano Allegri and unitholders SNAI have again put his hand on the board bets flag. The offer on the fourth consecutive title for the Bianconeri rose again yesterday was increased from 1.90 to 2.05, arrived today at 2.20. Trimming on Rome, which drops from 4.00 to 3.50. Remains behind Napoli 6.00, and even more other main rivals, like Milan 18, Inter and Fiorentina at 25. A three-digit triumph of Lazio (150), Parma (200) and Turin (250 ), while all the other teams are listed 300.

Football: Real Madrid favorite of the bookmakers for Rodriguez

ROME - Real Madrid respond blow for blow to challenge Barcelona in the summer transfer market. If the Catalans have just got Luis Suarez, the Blancos are now very close to James Rodriguez, the Colombian star of Monaco, which was highlighted at the World Cup by scoring six goals. According to Spanish media player and Real have already reached an agreement on how to engage, while it remains to find the agreement between the two companies for the card. Understanding that not long in coming second international bookmakers. It is played at 1.40 on the transfer of Rodriguez to Real Madrid in this transfer window, while confirming the Monaco now pays 2.75. Unlikely to sprout a third option: Barcelona, ​​which is also on the trail of the Colombian, which is 12.00, Manchester City and United are a pair 15,00.

NBA: Messina to Spurs. The title is worth 5.50

TURIN - The official announcement came this morning: the San Antonio Spurs, the NBA champions, they hired Ettore Messina as a new assistant coach Gregg Popovich. "I am honored. Coach Messina is a great coach, a great leader and someone from whom we can all learn, "said Popovich. Messina arrives at Spurs after spending the last two years as coach of CSKA Moscow in the Russian league, unit holders and the international launch team to the title next season. The San Antonio Spurs are champions again at 5.50, at the same altitude of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who can count on the return of LeBron James. The farther the Oklahoma City Thunder, 7 times the bet, while for the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Clippers goes up to 11.00.

giovedì 10 luglio 2014

World Cup: Germany forward for the final

The success against the Netherlands at the Arena stadium in Sao Paulo Do spear Argentina in the final. At the World Cup Brazilian Messi and company have passed the Orange on penalties after regular time ended 0-0 and extra: decisive parades Romero on spot-kicks of Vlaar and Wesley Sneijder. Now for the Albiceleste, however, there will be at the Maracana Germany, in a remake of the 1990 final won by the Germans: in Klose blackboard and friends are once again the favorites, with the conquest of the title of world champions 1.65 against men who chase Sabella 2.25.

Football: League, Shaqiri between Roma and Liverpool

It was one of the most prominent players in the Swiss during this World Cup and has inevitably attracted the attention of many teams. Xherdan Shaqiri, outside of Bayern Monaco, looks set to change team since Germany is closed by Robben and Ribery. Among the suitors for Shaqiri is also Roma, Walter Sabatini has placed among the first targets of the Giallorossi. So the international unit holders can consider the deal and give the Giallorossi as favorites in the betting on the next team Shaqiri Rome to 3.00, but with the competition from Liverpool who is also on the trail of the player and is placed in the same proportion. According to the bookmakers also Juventus would fit, but for the Bianconeri go up to 5.00. Then quotas are all in double figures: 15.00 AC Milan and Inter Milan, at 17.00 the German tracks that lead to Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund.

Football: Cole to Rome, goal or yellow to debut?

He arrived at Fiumicino greeted by a cheering crowd and yellow: Ashley Cole has just started his adventure with the British bookmakers Rome and the "greet" with the ad hoc scomemsse on its performance in the Capital. There is curiosity to see the former Chelsea full-back in the field and waiting to see him at work in the board are open betting on debut, saw his role, the first hypothesis is a warning, bank to 3.50, but there is also the board goals, 41 times the bet. Finally, the expulsion, a possibility that will turn up their nose at the Romanists and which is given in 26.00.

MotoGP, Marquez favored in Germany

Marc Marquez chases another victory in MotoGP: first even if it came at the Sachsenring in the Grand Prix this weekend, it would be the ninth victory in as many races this season. The bookmakers throw him once again to success suop the first place is given to 1.40 on the blackboard SNAI, where Marquez is also favored for the pole, in the same proportion. His team-mate Dani Pedrosa, who has just renewed with Honda, follows him in qualifying (5.50) than for the GP, 6.00. Valentino Rossi is right behind Pedrosa betting on the game board and playing 8.00, on par with his team-mate Jorge Lorenzo. You play instead 66,00 the success of Andrea Dovizioso, second at Assen, while pole sitter for the last Grand Prix, Aleix Espargaro, another qualification in the head is worth 16.00.

giovedì 3 luglio 2014

World Cup: Messi king of the bomber to 3.50

Against the Swiss did not score, but it was still crucial because the landed Argentina in the quarter-finals. A burning dribbling and an assist for the winning Angel Di Maria were the numbers of Leo Messi unlined yesterday thanks to which, despite not having scored, the Flea is favored as the top scorer of Brazil 2014. Leo, with four goals so far, is given 3.50 SNAI on the board, where the challenge is, however, very open: 4.50 you bet on Neymar (4 goals for him), and now stands at 3.75 in the category "other" (the one where you bet on all players not originally included in the list) in which it is impossible not to think of the star of James Rodriguez, 5 goals with Colombia until now. A sign 4 times, Thomas Mueller of Germany, but is banked at 5.50. Among the three networks bomber still has the best odds for Robin Van Persie, 12,00, his team-mate Arjen Robben nell'Olanda pays 18.00, while Benzema is the proposal to 16.00.

Football: Barcelona-Suarez, the deal closes at 1.33

The bite to Chiellini was not a good advertisement, but also after the crime (and related excuses) Luis Suarez remains one of the men most contested of the summer market. Following him, already indicted before the episode, it was Barcelona who according to the BBC meet the leadership of the Liverpool to define the deal. Although there are still some differences between supply and demand for iron (80 million the request of the Reds, 60 the proposal of the Catalans) international bookmakers are convinced that the deal will give the closing of the deal and a very low altitude, just 1 33 against 2.85 on staying at Liverpool. Unlikely other solutions: Real Madrid, which also has the Gunslinger followed for a long time, he released his grip and is 14.00, while among the Italian bookie enter only Juventus in the list, but at an altitude of 71.00.

F1: GP Silverstone, Hamilton ransom to 1.70

Lewis Hamilton will do anything to win in front of his fans, the Grand Prix of Silverstone this weekend. And the UK is also the favorite of the bookmakers to triumph at home, although ninth win in three races. This time according to the bookmakers, can get the better of team-mate at the time the first riders in the world. The success of Hamilton is offered at 1.70 on the board of SNAI, while the pole is played at 1.60. Rosberg chases a short distance away with the victory and the first bank to 2.70 to 2.75 in the qualifying position. Double digits for all others: Felipe Massa on pole and then fourth in Austria is 25.00 along with team-mate at Williams Valterri Bottas (both for the first time in qualifying at 20.00), Fernando Alonso the first win of the season on the circuit where he triumphed in 2011 to play in 40.00 (the pole is 50 times your stake). After the other Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen win at Silverstone is an undertaking to 100.00, the pole position is played at 80.00.