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BetStars launches in the Czech Republic

Online betting site BetStars, the sports brand of The Stars Group, has become the first international sports betting operator to launch i...

domenica 29 giugno 2014

Online betting sites on the World Cup

The penetration of the internet as a means of interactive communication is taking steps to change, even in Italy, consumption habits and purchasing. One of the areas in which the advent of the internet has changed the way we relate to the practice of purchase, is fun, and in particular, games of chance, games of skill, or of gaming. Where up to fifteen years ago there was the football pools, with its coupon played in tobacco, there are now online wagering and live football matches on TV, which allow you groped their luck from the comfort of home, with the only and fundamental help a connection to the network.

Italy, however, is still a market which is deeply rooted in the tradition of the game on the ground, and - as shown by the official reports published regularly by the Administration of State Monopolies Autonomous - the percentage of online gambling (hence the bets placed directly on the web) is still much smaller compared to the percentage of those playing agencies, or stores, of which the different betting sites have. The trend is still stable at the moment, but both the overall volume of the game, betting that one of the sites on the Internet are bound to grow, and in the future - just on the basis of the change of the customs and habits of consumption in which it was mentioned in opening - This report will only rebalance in favor of online.

Puglia, the region in which you play a lot for established tradition, is now firmly the fourth region in Italy for game volume produced and collected by the State Monopoly, after the unattainable Campania, Lombardy and Lazio. Even in Puglia, however, the online game has not done too much gap compared to the usual forms of the game in the bar or in the agencies, which combines a form of socialization, however, the game goes on the web at least partially lost. It is easier, therefore, to point betting series at the bar on the corner rather than a direct series in front of their computer, partly on the basis of the fact that incumbents of the game in Italy have precisely a dense network of points of sale and agencies around the country. Follow the series is still possible to live on Italian betting sites, which have the rights to broadcast live images of a large number of sports and competitions. It is, however, on the basis of this direct spread of calcium, which becomes possible and interesting to engage in live betting, or those in which you can focus on individual events within the match, with odds that are updated in real time in accordance with the development the tender.

The Italian Serie A is, of course, competition from favorite bettors Italian, and is the event on which to focus the majority of episodes. Looking at the results of 2011, the list of the ten sporting events that have attracted more bets, eight are betting in series, and two of the Champions League. The live football is the king, therefore, at the level of the overall distribution of bets on different sports: football focuses on the fact 90% of the stakes of the Italians.

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