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BetStars launches in the Czech Republic

Online betting site BetStars, the sports brand of The Stars Group, has become the first international sports betting operator to launch i...

domenica 29 giugno 2014

How to open a game room

Gambling has become very popular in Italy, and are now playing not only the professional players but all social groups, including young people, housewives, the elderly and fathers. For this reason, if you have money to invest in a business that could be profitable, it is good to think of a betting parlor, equipping maybe to attract people of all ages. This article will try to explain to the young entrepreneur so as to open a business of betting.
The business represented by the world of betting moves around 5 million Euros per day only in Italy. Keep in mind, though, that the betting shops are growing much in number, and there will be fierce competition to win over prospective clients.

Concessions and licenses 
To open a betting center is necessary, first, a concession by the Administration for the State Monopoly, and a license to public safety that must be requested at the police headquarters in the province in which you want to open the business. To download the necessary forms we recommend site where you can download the forms in PDF format.
It should then open a VAT on the type of company that you are opening and apply for membership to the Chamber of Commerce membership.
To start betting then you must enter into agreements with the managers of national betting, which are lottomatica, sisal and snai (sports betting).

How to activate the slot machine 
To install in the activity of slots with instant prizes, you need a security clearance from the police, then you'll have to make another request to the superintendent of your Province. It should also be adequate space that can ensure the safety of electrical installations and a connection to the internet connection.
The security of the site will be checked by the inspectors of the ASL of belonging, which will have the final say in the matter to see if your business can be open to the public or not, and found the way out and all the possible dangers that the place you have could be chosen by customers. Therefore, make sure to follow all the regulations of the local health services, so as not to risk having a negative relationship.

Choosing a location 
A betting center must be located in a central area of the city can be easily reached from all potential customers. It must then have ample space for parking, as sometimes the lack of parking generates the loss of several customers, which certainly will not help in an activity just opened.
The site must also be large enough to accommodate any and betters that look in your business to see the odds. If possible it is good that you grant special attention to those who come daily to bet. Treating customers well is the first rule for success.
With this in mind, take try to invest your money in the best way.

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